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May 4, 2012 3:00am EDT
was only after mrs. brown, really, that i really got film scripts at all and then, you know, if you work with people like kevin spacy, and people, you know, you learn about it, and i never want to be there when i don't. >> rose: you have one more bond coming out, don't you? >> yes, yes. >> rose: at least one. >> did you believe -- we have. >> rose: yes. are you excited about the jubilee, the diamond jubilee? because you have a couple of -- >> well, i it will be a good old day of celebration, i hope, and i think they are planning lots of things, not least of which the -- on the river, with 1,000 boats going up the thames, that should be spectacular. >> rose: i want to come back to all of that, that whole thing about acting because so many people have said such wonderful things about you, i want you zero just to take one, one of your fellow actors in this film, this is bill and i talking about you, here it is. dane judi dench. >> yes. >> rose: what does she have? >> well, she has something, dane judi dench has something that is inexpressionable there are books written about how she a
May 2, 2012 11:00pm PDT
phytonutrients so whole grains like brown rice keen qa, steel cut oats, beans like black beans, legumes, chick peas, lentils. anything. those things have phi to nutrients, things that we don't even know about that are affecting our jeans they're full of fiber. this is one of the keys to the lean plan. fiber is the one dietary component that's been consistently shown to help people lose weight and keephe weight off. >> rose: and it's also good for digestion. >> absolutely. it lowers cholesterol and your blood pressure. it fills your stomach so that you're not... you're not hungry, first of all. it tells your brain that you're satiated. you've got something in your stomach. and also it helps the food digest more slowly and evenly so your blood glucose level, your blood sugar stays stable throughout the day. so that way you're not going into theunge craving hormones aren't alerted to eat more. >> what do you make of the attention sugar is getting either in books or studies made by reputable organization. >> >> it's all about blood sugar. you want to stay steady throughout the day. so if yo
May 10, 2012 12:00pm EDT
filming on that because gordon brown, who was the chancellor of the exchequer, outlaud a tax structure being used to finance a lot of films, and that film went down, along with a couple of dozen others this the u.k. it was a bad day, black day for film. but i knew deborah from that and i had read about this book, and and the producer sent me an early draft of the script that deborah had done, adaptation of the book. deborah has quite strong connections with india herself, and she had, i think, this marvelous idea of just exploring what might happen if you outsourced retirement to india, a place where, as you know, quite a lot of outsourcing goes on. it was a very attractive and provocative idea. and i thought the script was very much sort of raw state at that point. i haven't completely made the transition from book to film and i said to graham i would be very interested in adapting it, but i was about to do another film, actually, with tom as it turned out. and i couldn't do it then, and graham runs a very small production company, and i know what it's like for those product
May 5, 2012 12:00am PDT
, in the research where the former chairman of bp john browne published a memoir in britain about six weeks before the deepwater horizon. it wasn't published in the united states i think for a reason. but in it, he recalls that when the exxon valdez pill happened, he happened to be in alaska visiting bp properties. he heard about it and he ordered a helicopter to fly over prince william sound and see the terrible damage. and he's recalling this moment in the memoir, all these years later, but without the foreknowledge that the deepwater horizon is about to destroy bp's reputation. and he says i flew over and i saw the black slick spread on the sea and i thought about off the whales and all of the wildlife that would be damaged. and i thought to myself, there is now one corporation in the world that will be the most hated. and that's exxonmobile. and so you see the world turns. and so one of should be careful about such-- but especially in a high-risk business like oil drilling. >> do you know what you will write next. >> i do. i am going to write a secretary of ghost wars, america
Search Results 0 to 36 of about 37 (some duplicates have been removed)